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Welcome to HMP Kilmarnock
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HMP Kilmarnock

Serco has operated HMP Kilmarnock since 1999 under a 25 year contract on behalf of the Scottish Prison Service (SPS). It is one of the most modern prisons in Scotland, specifically designed for efficiency, with 500 single cells and a maximum capacity of 692 prisoners.

HMP Kilmarnock is a closed high security establishment accommodating remand, short term and long term male adult prisoners and male young offender remands. Operated by Serco, HMP Kilmarnock is part of the Scottish Prison Service estate and prisoners remain under the same care agenda as that of the Scottish Prison Service.

The prison has a mixed regime based on education, behavioural and addiction programmes, both approved and accredited. In addition, prisoners are required to attend industrial work and physical exercise programmes. The prison consistently exceeds performance targets and concentrates on working towards reducing offending behaviour and ensuring prisoners are better prepared to lead a law-abiding life once released.