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Welcome to HMP Kilmarnock
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The Safe and Secure Custody of Those We Look After

It is one of our most fundamental aims - to keep safe the prisoners, staff and visitors with whom we work.

Coming into prison is a stressful time for someone, and can be a worrying time for the friends and family of anyone who has been remanded or convicted.

On admission, all prisoners are medically assessed by a qualified Mental Health Nurse from the NHS and are then seen by an NHS doctor the following morning. This provides the prisoner with the opportunity to get help with medical issues, including referral to addictions services.

HMP Kilmarnock follows the same strategy for the prevention of self-harm and suicide as the Scottish Prison Service. The Act2Care process helps to ensure that vulnerable prisoners are individually assessed, with appropriate care plans put in place to provide support.

You can read the SPS Act2Care Strategy Document here and our own internal strategy here.

The Managemennt of Fear Inducing, Intimidating and Violent Behaviour (MFIIVB) is our stragety to help prevent incidents of bullying within the prison. We understand that it can be difficult to identify and assist those who are subject to violent or intimidating behaviour without further isolating them.

Concerns for a Prisoner's Safety?

Our staff can help any prisoner who feels vulnerable or threatened. If you have concerns about the safety of any prisoner, please contact us on 01563 548800 at any time. Alternatively you can contact the Police on 101.